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About Us

The Scottish Philharmonic Orchestra was originally formed to facilitate the production and performance of high quality Charity Gala Concerts. With minimum overheads, and an extremely flexible player base, the SPO is able to ensure the maximum possible return from a charity event, whilst still maintaining the same high standards as the other National Companies. In 2008, the orchestra performed ‘The Armed Man, a Mass for Peace’ in Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, conducted by the composer Karl Jenkins. This concert was on behalf of Teenage Cancer Trust, and was a first in what became a series of very successful fundraisers.

Aside from this charity work, the orchestra, in 2008, performed an original score as part of Glasgow Òran Mór’s ‘A Play, A Pie and A Pint’ series in the west end. This led to the orchestra being invited to host a series of concerts on Monday drive-time slots, at Oran Mór. This series was aptly named ‘A Concert, A Cocktail and a Canapé’, and ran to 50 concerts.

In association with Corporate Classics the Scottish Phil is available as the ultimate in corporate entertainment, with concerts ranging from ‘James Bond’ nights, to Viennese Masked Balls… We can even arrange ‘Maestro’ evenings, giving your staff the opportunity to compete to conduct the orchestra. These events are available at all of Scotland’s major venues.

A recent addition to our output is our very exciting Scottish Philharmonic Big Band.

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